What To Know Before Linking or Ordering Forms

Can My Documents Be Hyperlinked? 

Digital documents must have searchable text so if your .pdf viewing software search function works, the document can usually be linked with our link to page service.  It is best if the documents are the original .pdf copy generated from a word processor, .pdf design software, or drafting software.  Most original digital documents have this capability.  Sometimes non-digital (scanned) documents can be linked.  However, this should be verified before purchasing a package.  Not sure if your plans can be linked?  Contact us for a free review.

Any word processor document or .pdf form can be enhanced for fillable text.

How Long Will It Take to Receive My Documents? 

This depends on document size and your needs.  If your job is time sensitive, we will place it in high priority for no additional fee.  When submitting your payment, simply advise your deadline in the comments and we will strive to meet your needs.  No rush?  Indicating this with your order will help us put priority on other jobs that are more time sensitive.

What Happens After I Make A Payment?

If you are a new client, you will receive an e-mail with a link to your secure file transfer area where you can upload your documents to be enhanced.  If you are an existing client, you may proceed to your secure client area already established at any time for document upload.  Although payment prior to upload is preferred, existing clients may upload files at any time and an invoice will be forwarded.  The enhanced documents will be released upon receipt of payment.

Do I Need Special Software to Use Enhanced Documents?

NO!  There is no costly software or licenses needed.  Most standard free .pdf viewing such as  software Adobe Reader® will allow you the ability to click and follow hyperlinks and access bookmarks or fillable fields on forms.  There are a number of free .pdf viewing software programs that are better than others in using your enhanced documents. Contact us for recommendations on our favorite software.

Isn’t There Software I Could Buy That Does This?

Of course there is but they aren’t cheap or very user friendly!  The purpose of this service is to offer these enhancement capabilities affordably and save you the software license cost, the cost of user training, the cost of the hardware necessary to run the software, and the cost for you or your employees time to complete the process.

What Is Your Privacy Policy and Terms of Service?

Documents sent to us through the secure server client area or via e-mail will remain absolutely confidential and will be permanently removed from the server and local storage seven (7) days after the transaction is complete. Clients personal and payment information, correspondence, instructions, content and purpose of the documents we service will never be disclosed to any other party unless required by law due to illicit content. Terms of service are simple. In exchange for the service fee, clients will be returned with enhanced .pdf files that are neatly collated based on industry standards or specific instruction, bookmarked, and hyperlinked to the maximum capability of the document and the software completing the linking process unless directed otherwise.  Form .pdf documents will be completed (with or without instruction from the client) & revised (2) two times at no cost in order to satisfy the clients satisfaction of service.  All service fees are non-refundable.  As such, we are happy to review your documents for functionality or desired content prior to payment free of charge… contact us so we can review your needs.  We will never share documents we receive or use them in any other way including marketing purposes without express written consent of the client.